Toxic Substances Control Act

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Legislative Process

Congress: Legislative Process

Each Congress proposes thousands of new laws, but only a small percentage win the approval of both chambers and the president. At every stage of the lawmaking process, these proposals are amended, modified, and refined. To become law, a measure must make it thro…

Senatorial Courtesy

A folkway or informal norm of the Senate governing review of nominees for various federal positions. The practice of senatorial courtesy requires that a president confer with Senate members of his party from the state in which a federal appointment is to be made. Federal positions to which senatoria…

Refuse Act

One of the oldest statutes dealing with pollution of waterways. Passed in 1899, the Refuse Act's primary purpose was not environmental protection but preventing obstruction to navigation. However, the lack of a specific, comprehensive law to regulate water pollution led the government to rely on…

Pollution Prevention Act

A statute enacted in 1990 that proclaimed a national policy of preventing and reducing pollution at the source. This policy was in sharp contrast to most environmental protection, which simply attempts to manage pollutants. The PPA highlights the need to prevent pollution and reduce the amount that …

Oil Pollution Act

A statute enacted in 1990, after the Exxon Valdez spilled oil in Prince William Sound the year before. Congress became convinced that existing law did not properly address preparation, cleanup, and compensation, so it remedied the situation by creating new law.

The Oil Pollution Act deals wit…

Safe Drinking Water Act

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Safe Drinking Water Act was, as a bill, a proposal (now, a piece of legislation) introduced on 1973-01-18 in the House of Commons and Senate respectively of theĀ 93 United States Congress by Warren Grant Magnuson in relation with: Categories , A, S Tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Leave a comment