(Lat. censere, to reckon). An official reckoning or enumeration of the inhabitants and wealth of a country. The census of the United States is taken every tenth year, in accordance with the provisions of the constitution, and many of the states have made provisions for a similar decennial reckoning at intervening periods. Const. U.S. art. 1, § 2; 1 Story, U, S. Laws, 73, 722, 751; 2 Story, U.S. Laws, 1134, 1139, 1169, 1194; 3 Story, U.S. Laws, 1776; 4 Sharswood, U.S. Laws, 2179. In Old European Law. A tax or tribute. Montesq. liv. 30, c. 14.

Civil War Battlefield Commemorative Coin Act of 1992

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