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Federal Courts Improvement Act of 2000

Federal Courts Improvement Act 96 Stat. 25 (1982)United States ConstitutionAccording to the Encyclopedia of the American Constitution, abo...

Categories: Constitutional law. Tags: Administration of justice, Administrative fees, Administrative responsibility, Annuities, Appellate courts, Appellate procedure, Armed forces and national security, Awards, Bank failures, Bankruptcy courts, Civil service pensions, Claims, Commemorations, communications, Computers and government, Congress, Congress 106, Congressional committee staffing, Congressional committees, Congressional investigations, Contempt of court, Court congestion and delay, Courts of special jurisdiction, Crime and law enforcement, Debtor and creditor, Disability retirement, Disabled, District courts, Economics and public finance, Employment of the disabled, Families, Finance and financial sector, Fines (Penalties), Forfeiture , Fringe benefits, Government employees' health insurance, Government employees' life insurance, Government liability, Government operations and politics, Government paperwork, Government trust funds, Guam, Habeas corpus, Health, Information technology, Judges, Judicial compensation, Judicial districts, Judicial officers, Juries, jurisdiction, Labor and employment, Law, Leave of absence, Legal ethics, Legal fees, Long Read, Magistrates, Mandatory retirement, medals, Military pensions, Northern Mariana Islands, Presidential appointments, prizes, Probation, Probation officers, Public defenders, Retirement age, Savings and loan associations, Science, Senate Judiciary (SSJU), Social welfare, Survivors' benefits, Technology, Transfer of employees, Unemployment insurance, virgin islands, and Workers' compensation.

Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000

Religious Freedom Restoration Act 107 Stat. 1488 (1993)United States ConstitutionAccording to the Encyclopedia of the American Constitution

Categories: Constitutional law. Tags: Actions and defenses, Church and state, Civil rights and liberties, Congress 106, Constitutional amendments, Crime and law enforcement, Evidence (Law), Federal preemption, Government liability, Government operations and politics, Injunctions, Land use, Law, Legal fees, minority issues, Prisoners' rights, Public lands and natural resources, Religion, Religious liberty, Rights of institutionalized persons, State laws, Urban affairs, and Zoning and zoning law.